A Powerful Learning and Earning System

The WealthPrice Idea

Selling products is what most of the companies do. We wanted to be different, that’s why instead of selling individual products and cash in all the profit, we created a system in wich everyone can plug in and benefit. We integrated our educational products into this system allowing people to become better, become aware of their full potential, change their lifestyle, learn to prosper and to lead their teams to greatness and success.

WealthPrice E-learning System

The WealthPrice E-learning system comprises the course platform and the available video courses.

For beginning there are five core courses available: Mind Power, Financial Education, Leadership, Starting A Business, Internet Marketing. Other courses will be added to this core in the near future.

Mind Power is about how your mind works, what differentiates winners from loosers, how to train your mind to success, how to find your dream, test it to see if it’s really yours and how to start taking the steps towards acchieving your dream.

Financial Education is a course about using money the proper way. Today we all use money but no one teaches us how to use money. We only learn about money from our parents, friends, family and mass media, which it’s not to great because they all have their own perspective and their own interest. In this course you learn about the types of money that exist, to see the difference between bad expenses and good expenses, to keep track of your income and expenses and calculate your monthly cash-flow, to understand what is an asset and what is a liability, how to assets to build wealth like billionaires do.

Leadership is an essential skill that can be learned and that will boost your organization and your income to the sky. Any organization can grow only to the level of its leaders ability to lead. If you wish your organization to grow, grow your leadership ability. Your leadership ability has a multiplication effect on your organization and can grow it exponentially. This course was created based on John Maxwell’s Leadership Program by Radu Grigore, which is a leadership trainer and coach, and shows you the essentials of leading people, the laws of leadership and the abilities you need to develop to become a great leader.

Starting A Business its essential for any person that whants not only to survive but also to prosper. No matter if you plan to get rich by investing in paper assets or in real estate, you should know some basics about starting a business, because the financial laws that apply to businesses are different than the ones for individuals and ussualy are better. Besides, a business might prove an efficient lever, that can boost your income in a short period of time. In this course you will find how to evaluate a business idea, how to set a solid base for your business, how to get into the market and advertise your business and how to grow your business once you get started. You will find how to recognize and avoid some of the most common traps that may appear on your road.

Internet Marketing is a relatively new field that can literally help your business explode worldwide. Any business today should have a webpage and should offer their customers the possibility to buy their products and services online, through internet. In addition, internet has been proven as being a very powerful tool to promote and advertise your business. Many small businesses that started very small and with a very low budget, achieved incredible success through the power of internet. In this course we show you everything you need to know to take your business to the internet and grow it worldwide, using the internet. You learn how to build your own website, ways to promote your website for free, viral advertising, most popular ways of paid advertising, how to test and split test your campaigns and how to evaluate results.

This 5 courses are the core for the E-learning system. This 5 courses are the basis for personal development for any person who wants to build wealth in their life. We believe any other education should be built on this 5 core courses, to assure an balanced development. There are just too many people today who are very good in what they are doing but they lack self confidence, have money related problems or have problems communicating with others and this shouldn’t happen to someone who is a master in their domain.

This is why we’ve put this 5 courses as the core of WealthPrice E-learning System and that’s why we chose that specific order.

The access to WealthPrice E-learning System is based on a one time payment. This is a unique payment that assures lifetime access to WealthPrice E-learning System.

The WealthPrice Affiliate System

The WealthPrice Affiliate System is the system that allows you to earn commissions from courses. The affiliate system includes access to a personal blog on domain, affiliate links and back-office management to see your commissions and your down-line. The affiliate system allows you to see who joined your WealthPrice team, see how many people are in your down-line, how they do and how many people they have in their teams, see how much you receive in commissions, to withdraw your commissions and see the payments history.

WealthPrice Affiliate System:

  • access to a personal blog on domain
  • access to commissions
  • access to down-line builder and affiliate links
  • team management (see people in your team)
  • see your commissions
  • withdraw your commissions

The access to the WealthPrice Affiliate System is based on a monthly subscription. The affiliate system gives you access to commissions from your affiliates membership (members that joined your team as affiliates).

You can get the affiliate system independently by the E-learning System. For instance, if you are interested only in getting the blog and writing your own articles to build your down-line and get monthly commissions, you may get only the Affiliate System. However if you want full commissions and you want to earn also from the E-learning System, you need to become a PRO member and to have both E-learning system and the Affiliate System. This means you paid the one time access fee for E-learning System and you pay the monthly subscription for the Affiliate System. This assures you commissions from the courses and this is important as it offers you a boost of income, as the commissions from the E-learning System are high in value.

The reason we combined this one time payment for courses with monthly subscriptions is because we want you to have the most out of commissions.

The commissions you receive from the E-learning system are high in value but you receive them only once for each member. This commissions offer you a high amount of money on each sale, money you could use to further increase your business.

The commissions you receive from the Affiliate System are monthly commissions. These have a lower value but over time you can get much more money from this Affiliate System than from the E-learning System. The income from Affiliate System depends on the number of members in your first five levels of affiliates. As this number increases your money increases too. But at the beginning, the income you get from this commission might be quite low, as the number of people in your team is low. That’s why we combined these monthly commission with high value one time payment commission from E-learning System. In this way, you earn a motivating income even from beginning and you have the chance to build a steady monthly passive income source in 2-3 years of work (actually it’s 2-3 years of learning, as it’s not quite work).

The best way for you to start learning and earning with WealthPrice is to become a PRO member. In this way you earn full commissions from the first minute. Click the button bellow to become a PRO member now.