What If You Are Able To Earn Money While You Learn Powerful Things?

The WealthPrice Idea

The idea is simple and powerful: you earn money while you learn new things. The inspiration came from a personal experience: we discovered that a lot of people go to school and acquire very high skills and knowledge, but because the things they learn are not very common in the daily life, after finishing school they find it difficult to monetize what they learned.

Very often highly specialized professionals earn very little compared to their high education. This happens mainly because what they learned to do is either not too much wanted on the market or a lot of other people do it and the value of their work is diminished.

Today, being a very good professional and earning money are two different things and very often don’t fit together. We want to change that and allow you to earn a lot of money based on what you know.

Information is very important especially today, in the information age. There is so much information today and the things are changing so fast, that is impossible for someone to stay updated with the changes that occur in the world, unless they focus on a narrow field of activity. Being updated in multiple fields of activity is something unfeasible.

On the other hand, people specialized in narrow fields of activity have difficulties in finding a job or finding customers for their service. Being highly specialized is not a great thing from the evolution perspective, as highly specialized people often find it difficult to adapt to fast changes. Nature offers plenty of evidence in support of this idea, many highly specialized species becoming extincted as a result of their dependency to a specific habitat or to a particular type of food. On the contrary, in nature opportunistic species are adapting more easily and have much more chances to survive to the changes.

That’s the reason we came up with this idea: to offer people a chance to adapt to the changes of the new era.

It is obvious that today money became part of a complex exchange system, that influences the life of billions people. Old ways of earning money, like having a well paid job or owning a small business are becoming obsolete and people need to adapt to the changes if they want to prosper. As the money system is becoming more complex, the ways you can earn money follow this trend.

Today, people who earn most of the money are people who use systems that work for them, instead of them working for the systems.

The WealtPrice System allows you monetize your knowledge in a way that over time may bring you unlimited financial benefits.

This simple idea puts the power in your hands and allows you to become independent from the financial point of view.

In it’s essence, the WealthPrice Idea means to earn money as you learn more powerful things. To earn a solid income in the most efficient way possible, as a passive income source, without needing to work everyday to earn that money. WealthPrice means to use what you already know to build yourself a solid passive income source.

You can do this in three simple steps:

  1. Learn
  2. Write about what you learn
  3. Earn from what you learn

This is how it works:

  • E-learning System. We have set up an e-learning system that has a core of 5 courses specially created to give you a set of skills and abilities that help you grow and become prosperous. There are over 20 hours of video animated courses, presented in a predefined order, which builds a solid base for your success.
  • Blogging System. The second step in any learning process is to write what you learn and to explain it to others. We give you a personal blog on the WealthPrice website to write about what you learn in the e-learning system. Of course you can write about many other things, not only about what you learn from WealthPrice courses. You can write about the things you are passionate, about your hobbies, about your work, even about your products and services. But the main purpose of this blog is to help you better understand and memorize what you learn.
  • Affiliate System. By learning and writing everyday on your WealthPrice blog, you build content that in time gets indexed by major search engines. As you write more and more quality articles, search engines send you more visitors. Your WealthPrice Blog has attached a sales system and each time someone buys access to WealthPrice System through your blog, you get high commissions.

In this way, by LEARNING something new everyday and by WRITING about what you learned on your WealthPrice blog, you EARN high commissions from each sale.

Over time, if followed with commitment and dedication, the WealthPrice system allows you to build a solid passive income source based on what you learn.

In this way, by becoming more educated you become richer!