Free And Independent People

The WealthPrice Idea

Imagine a world were everyone has a fair chance to educate themselves at an affordable price; a world were education makes people free and independent and not prisoners bound to a job by the liabilities they have to pay, like it happens today; a world were every student get’s the chance to earn money right from the first day at school, by learning things they are passionate.

Imagine a world were your passion for what you do matters the most and generates most of your income.

Imagine a world where everyone is aware of their full potential, everyone has high leadership skills and everyone knows how to use money in their advantage and not in their disadvantage, like it happens today.

Our goal is to change the importance of education in people’s life. Too many educated people today earn too little compared to their education, just because they lack selling skills or financial education. Too many uneducated people get access to important positions just because they are members in a political party or other organizations, without even having the skills required for that position.

We believe in a world which is ruled by the most educated people in the society, in the best interest of everyone; a world were education generates value for both the society and the educated person.

From our view, most of the educational systems today are nothing more than a business for those institutions. Universities provide a service for their customers, they cash in the money and that’s it, end of story! They don’t care their students don’t have where to work after finishing school, they don’t care if you got into debt to pay to them the money for your education, they only care about their profits. And I’am not talking about the professors teaching in universities, who are great persons and many of them do care, but I am talking strictly about the institutions and about the whole system, that doesn’t care about you, you are on your own.

Today, too many people depend on various institutions to take care of them, from government, and schools to private institutions and companies. Even if you have a well paid job, you are still dependent on the organization that pays you. The apparent “financial independence” which many people think a job gives to them, is nothing more than a financial slavery, as a lot of employees do things they dislike.

The education we receive in schools is designed to create people that fit into this modern slavery system: obedient people with low self confidence, who think they need others to take care of them and on their financial future.

This is the reason why the WealthPrice system has a core module of courses that teaches you what school doesn’t. In this core module, you learn about:

  • how your mind works and how to achieve your full potential,
  • how to handle money like rich people do,
  • how to become a great leader and lead others to success,
  • how to build and manage a successful business,
  • how to communicate efficiently,
  • how to deal with people,
  • how to negotiate,
  • how to sell,

and a lot of other valuable things required for any superior human that lives in the modern society.

Our plan is to have in a short period of time thousands of courses here on WealthPrice E-learning system, so that you can learn anything you like, write about it on your WealthPrice Blog and of course earn from it.

Imagine how it will be for you when you will be able to learn mathematics, computer programming, graphic design, electronics, chemistry, biology, history, foreign languages, accounting, real estate developing, sales and marketing and many other valuable things? What will happen to your personal development if day by day you get to study half an hour from that courses? What will happen if day by day you write a short article about what you just learned? What will happen to your income, as a senior WealthPrice member, when all those courses will be available and your friends and colleagues will ask you how they can join and get access to learn about what they are passionate?

This is the vision we have in our minds about the WealthPrice system: thousands of valuable courses, available based on a subscription that anyone could find affordable, and where you can earn a solid income just by learning and writing about what you learn.

If you find this vision worthy and valuable, join us now and help us achieving that vision and build yourself a solid financial future.